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Top 5 Insurance Companies for Cyber Insurance


  • AIG: American Insurance Group is a great choice when it comes to Cyber Insurance. They offer the standard coverage of cyber insurance but what makes them stand out is their product on cyber insurance called: “CyberEdge Plus.” This product offers a wide variety of coverage such as their 24/7 data breach responsive team and financial support in a case of a cyber attack.  


  • Chubb: Another great option to consider for cyber insurance is Chubb. Chubb offers a many different choices when it comes to cyber insurance products, these products include: “Cyber Enterprise Risk Management, DigiTech Enterprise Risk Management, Forefront 3.0: Cyber Security and Integrity+ by Chubb.” Within all these products, they offer great benefits and coverage to protecting your business from multiple cyber attacks.


  • Travelers: A well known company such as Travelers offers great coverage towards cyber insurance. Whether if you own a small or large business or a tech company, Travelers provides different coverages towards your type business.


  • Nationwide: Another well known insurance company is Nationwide, their coverage for Cyber Insurance consists of the standard coverage but what makes them stand out is their products: “Data Compromise Protection, Identity Recovery Protection and CyberOne Protection.” These products contains different types of coverage and provides multiple types of protection.


  • Hartford: The Hartford is a great option for Cyber Insurance coverage. They offer the standard coverage and is highly prepared when a data breach or cyber attack occurs. With the help of their 24/7 assistance and their response partners, the Hartford can be a great threat towards cyber attacks.

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